Strategic Consulting Services

We provide clients with one stop strategic advisory and data driven decision analysis in support of their clinical development programs.
We partner with individuals, healthcare institutions, payers and biopharmaceutical companies to offer research and life cycle drug development advisory services.
We leverage our expertise and experience to advise our customers on their business development programs and planned projects.
We offer our clients innovative and cost efficient solutions to make informed business decisions, notably in areas of:
Business processes engineering 
Healthcare Business Strategy 
Regional Regulatory
Risk  and Compliance Operations 
Productivity and Performance evaluations
Contracts Negotiation and Legal Affairs
Clinical Resourcing and On Boarding Services  
Healthcare technologies access and commercialization
Documents Translation services
Physician clinical trials marketing services

Functional Resourcing
We offer our clients internal projects resourcing solutions by our functional outsourcing services.
The ClinWin teams are fully integrated within the client's internal clinical development operations and are responsible for managing functions across the entire breadth of the client's drug development pipeline.
This is an innovative alternative to the traditional, project-based approach and allow our clients to maintain greater control over their clinical development processes.
Our main resources, include Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Trial managers,  Trial Assistants.



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