Shireen Surtie, RN

Professional Development and Clinical Training Consultant



Shireen Surtie is the Professional Development and Clinical Training Consultant at Clinwin. she coordinates, organizes and manages all the clinical research training and capacity development contracts. Shireen has over 15 years experience in health care and clinical research. She graduated Registered Nurse from Nico Malan Nursing College, Certificate in Project Management from University of Cape Town and matriculate from Esselen Park Senior School, South Africa. She has been involved in patient clinical care at various hospitals in Western Cape Province, South Africa; clinical trials, clinical research professional training, clinical trials sites capacity development, clinical research project coordination and management.  
She is the Project Coordinator, Division of Pharmacology and most recently, she was the Study Coordinator at Division of Paediatric Medicine and, University of Cape Town. She held positions of increasing responsibilities during her 3 years career at Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation, Cape Town South Africa, where she was the International Clinical Trainer and Clinical Research Associate.  While at Aeras, Shireen was responsible for Site staff training to promote and implement capacity building at site level and Community Advisory Boards in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Senegal, India and Cambodia. She is expert trainer in clinical trials diagnostic procedures, GCP and Protocol, site SOPs development, Competency Checklists for practical clinical procedures as well as Recruitment and Informed Consents and assents processes.

Previously, she held various positions of increasing responsibility as (Professional Development Program Coordinator, Professional Development Program Officer and Senior Research Nurse) at South Africa Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative.

Shireen has held Chairperson position at Worcester TB Association, and received Charlotte Searle Nursing award for her dedicated work. She is co-author in a paper on The Tuberculin Skin test: A Comparison of reading with a ruler to reading with a calliper. She is member at South Africa Nursing Council.