Health Systems Research

ClinWin brings together broad and multidisciplinary expertise in design and implementation of Health Systems Research projects. Our researchers have gained wealth of experience in Health care Systems and Policy Research at regional and international level; including resource limited settings in developing world.
Some of the completed projects include: improving the health of people and communities, by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the health system as an integral part of the overall process of socio-economic development, community involvement health care delivery, deployment of health technologies, health care services delivery , financial and organizational issues in health care  institutions, human resources for health satisfaction surveys.
Our services:

    • Health services research design and implementation
    • Operational research
    • Social science (qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis)
    • Data collection tools developing and pre- testing Projects end term evaluation
    • Health economics surveys
    • Epidemiological studies
    • Ethical issues in research
    • Health care strategy, operations and governance advisory 



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