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ClinWin is  a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides integrated research and Strategic consulting services to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Academic Medical Centers, Site Management Organizations, Investigator sites, Not-for profit research organizations and Product Development Partnerships. We offer innovative solutions to accelerate development programs of life saving health technologies and interventions in developing world.

Our Experience
Our team of highly experienced professionals bring localized expertise and a team-first mindset to every project. We have managed clients’ clinical research projects in resource limited settings in Sub Saharan Africa, West Africa and India. We have provided lifecycle product development services including clinical trials monitoring, auditing, sites assessment, contracts negotiation, trial sites capacity development; and regulatory and ethical submission support for Phase I-IV clinical trials. We have been involved in design and conduct of epidemiological and operational studies in emergency and resource limited settings.
Our therapeutic experience range from: HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, Microbicides, vaccines, haematology, paediatrics, internal medicine, oncology and neglected tropical infectious diseases.
Our team has involved in planning and implementation of epidemiological and operational research projects around respiratory synctial virus, Malaria, Tuberculosis surveillance, HIV/AIDS treatments adherence interventions, soil transmitted helminthes, family planning devices (female condom and diaphragm) acceptability and safety. In addition, we have supported Investigators to develop and maintain HIV high risk cohorts (female and male sex workers, and discordant couples), infants, adults and adolescent cohorts.
Our team has working experience in clinical drug development lifecycle, electronic data capture platforms, Clinical Trials Management Systems (CTMS), Statistical analysis software, SAS programming  and data collection using mobile applications.


Our Vision
To deliver service of higher standard of excellence in meeting our clients’ research projects goals and expectations: this is our vision and our promise to you.

Our Mission
To partner, collaborate and work with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia and CRO clients to support the successful outcome of your research projects

Our Values
To advance our clients’ clinical research projects through integrity, teamwork, quality and accountability

Our Guiding Principles

Efficiency, Quality and Ethics



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